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After your foundation has been poured, it will take a total of two weeks for the concrete to "cure" or harden. At that point we will come back to your site to backfill dirt around your new foundation and provide a "rough grade" in which we will shape the dirt around your house into the approximate elevations shown on the plans. We will come back for one "final grade" when your new home is nearing completion and ready for landscaping. 


In the time between "rough grade" and "final grade" there are still many site services to be accomplished as your builder is working on the interior of your home. We will connect your new sanitary sewer and water lines. We will install "window wells" as a required emergency fire exit from your basement windows. We will also install stormwater management facilities such as raingardens, infiltration trenches, concrete planter boxes and downspout piping.    

A recently poured residential foundation in Fairfax, VA.
Our crew pouring the base of an inlet structure.
An excavator backfilling around an inlet structure.
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