Now that your house and lot have been cleared, it's time to call your engineer or surveyor for a "stakeout." Your surveyor will mark four reference "stakes" on your property, which we will use to reference while excavating. They will also provide a "cutsheet" to let us know exactly where to dig and exactly how deep to dig in reference to the "stakeout."


The most uncertain portion of site development is the excavation & hauling aspect. One common issue is how much dirt can safely and reasonably be stockpiled on site; the remainder must be hauled off. Dirt saturation and dirt expansion may also affect the number of estimated truckloads of dirt to be hauled away. Another issue is unforseen site conditions such as a high water table or unsuitable soils. In that event, we will immediatly stop excavation operations to call you (the owner) and a Geotechnical Engineering consultant. When proceeding with Geotechnical Engineering direction on additional services due to unforseen site conditions, we will only charge for time & materials to keep your budget overages as low as possible.  


After your basement is excavated, it is time to turn the project over to the builder so they can begin pouring concrete for your new foundation!

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