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Welcome to DEMARR Construction; your site development experts. 

Our Vision.


DEMARR Construction's company culture is based upon the principles that founder Bob DeMarr learned growing up in the Shipwright trade. There can be no mistakes when building a seaworthy vessel out of wood. Bob DeMarr sees the standards of residential site development no different than the standards he learned in the Shipwright trade. Reputation is the buoyancy that keeps our business afloat and we strive to be the best in terms of quality of work as well as delivering projects on-time and on-budget. 


Company Profile.


DEMARR Construction is known as the leader in residential site development due to the consistency of service the company provides. More than just a demolition contractor, we provide the majority of site services required for the development of your property. Our clients' know they can depend on us to provide quality work on each and every project. This provides value over the course of the project far greater than any initial cost savings our competitors may offer.

Our excavator digging a basement in McLean, VA.
Aerial site photo of a water line we are installing.
Our excavator at a job site.
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